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Elbhöhen Nature Park

Round villages, vast land and nature with culture

Primeval forests, meadows and pastures, heathlands and streams, the Elbe heights, the Göhrde state forest and the hilly landscape of Drawehn - the Elbhöhen-Wendland Nature Park in the easternmost tip of Lower Saxony is so diverse. It begins in the Lüneburg district and then extends over the sparsely populated Lüchow-Dannenberg district. Humid and dry habitats are closely related here. The nature park is therefore home to many animal and plant species, some of which have become rare. About half of its 1,160 square kilometers area is designated as a landscape or nature reserve.

Trees in the Elbhöhen Nature Park - Wendland


Versatile land management, tranquil villages with hay hotels, farm shops and orchards, half-timbered towns inviting to stroll - the Elbhöhen-Wendland nature park conveys authentic country life, closeness to nature and sustainability. The guest who is looking for peace and quiet is not disturbed by industrial settlements, hectic city life or highways. Interesting hiking and cycling tours are the best way to explore the landscape. There is also a colorful mixture of history, culture, art and music. The many well-preserved round villages of the Wendland are also characteristic of the region. They are of Slavic origin and traditionally only have one access to the village square, around which the gable ends of the typical Lower Saxon studded houses are clustered. The plots belonging to the courtyards enclose the Rundling and result in a cultural landscape that is parceled out like a pie.

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