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Culture of the Elbe Region

So many art galleries that present themselves very individually in farmyards and in private homes. Not only is art on show, but also many projects for participation which are very unique. Museums such as the Archaeological Museum in Hitzacker, the Local History Museum in Dahlenburg, or the new Archezentrum are not the only ones worth a visit. Go out and discover this beautiful region. Also, the many beautiful small churches that you will find here along the way, treasures that hide inside church rooms. Visit the festivals, which are always something special, and enjoy art and culture in the Elbe river landscape.


Hof-Atelier Stehr


Angela Stehr has been running the court atelier for painting and ceramics in Tespe since 2011, open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The visitor can browse a wide range on site, because there is a lot of art to discover. Angela Stehr also offers various courses and workshops. If you have some time, you will be pampered with a cup of tea while browsing between ceramics and painting. In addition, since 2019 there has been the small but fine "Creative Market at the Segelschiff-Passage", which takes place on the first Saturday of every month from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Hof-Atelier. In the open air, other exhibitors from the Elbmarsch region alternately present themselves and show their creative ideas. Seasonal themes round off the offer. A delicious soup - guaranteed organic from your own vegetable garden - from Captain Uwe as well as coffee + cake can be enjoyed in cozy seats in good company or in the cozy deck chairs. Anyone who has their own creative ideas and would like to present them is very welcome there! .

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Kunstfleck - Dahlenburg

The members of the rural art association (Kunstverein) founded the "kunstFleck" ("Art Spot") in 2003 and opened the gallery right in the middle of Flecken Dahlenburg. Since then, they have consolidated their experience and invite artists from the region, from all over Germany, and sometimes also from abroad. They exhibit and experiment with painting, photography, installations, and objects. 

Tosterglope Art Space

On an idyllic former farm in Tosterglope is the nationally known "Kunstraum Tosterglope". The emphasis of the events is on old and new music and their connections. On display are various dance forms and new visual arts, exhibitions, readings, concerts, youth camps, lectures, and discussions.

WIR - Art and Culture in the Elbe Marsh

This Association has set itself the goal of making art and cultural life in the Elbe marsh living and varied. WIR – painters of the Elbe marsh, WIR – photo enthusiasts of the Elbe marsh, Wortklang Duo, Plattdüütsch Aft Diek, WIR – writing workshop, WIR – cancer self-help group.
In the Association’s studio, the working groups have rooms for creative development and presentation, as well as reading groups, concerts, and workshops.

More information about dates and events can be found at:

Winsen (Luhe) Cultural Association

This Association offers a varied programme for all generations and preferences, right in the heart of the city of Winsen (Luhe). Various theatres, musicals and concerts show German and foreign cultural heritage on large and small stages.

More information and the current programme can be found at:

Theater Bleckede

In the Bleckeder district, Brackede has developed its own theatrical culture. Here the Elbe determines life right behind the dyke and so, in addition to self-written pieces, great dramas of life are played.

The ensemble, which consists of actors and amateurs, shows their great joy at playing with youth theatre and folk theatre. So much so, that Brackede theatre has now become the heart of the local rural population.

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