Experience Tours in the Elbe Region

Kick scooter safari


You can become an explorer in the joint community of Scharnebeck. Combine the trendy sports equipment scooter with a "bird's eye equipment" and venture into the varied and species-rich nature of the Lüneburg Elbe valley or explore the north-eastern edge of the Lüneburg Heath. The scooter takes you to the most beautiful places and with the help of the binoculars you can touch our natural beauties right in front of your lens. You can identify countless species of birds on your tour with the help of the appropriate bird book and then there is also the "Discovery Diploma" waiting for you as a souvenir to take home! You can go on a scooter safari on your own or take part in guided tours.


Tretroller Safari, Erlebnistour mit Vogelbeobachtung nahe Lüneburg und Hamburg

Travelling by Railway Handcar


On a disused railway line one can get around by an almost forgotten means of transport. The draisine handcar is operated via hand lever and pedal drive. Through meadows and woods, past storks, and with a lot of fun, you can drive a good three hours from Bleckede to Alt Garge. Here on some days you can experience the best rock bands in the Plan1 event venue.


Draisines in Alt Garge

Through the Countryside by Covered Wagons


Go on a voyage of discovery through the Elbe floodplain. Off the beaten track, you will be taken into the dreamlike countryside of the Elbe, where the cuckoo calls and the stork flies. On the way there is coffee and cake, or a snack in the outdoors. After your return, you will visit the aquarium landscape and the beaver's castle in the Elbe Floodplain Biosphaerium in Bleckede Castle.


Covered wagon on the Elbe

With the Heide-Elbe-Express/Bleckeder Light Railway on Old Rail Tracks

All aboard the Heide-Express/the Bleckeder light railway. It runs from Lüneburg to Bleckede, to Scharnebeck or to Lüneburg Heath. The Verkehrsfreunde Lüneburg working group has leased the Bleckeder Kleinbahn railway line from the Osthannoversche Eisenbahnen for 50 years. Today it "wanders" through the countryside on the rails. At the different stops there are many possibilities to get to know the attractions of the surroundings.



Heide-Elbe-Express/Bleckeder Light Railway in Neetze

Beaver Trail in Amt Neuhaus


A cycling excursion in Amt Neuhaus can be combined wonderfully with the Beaver Trail (Bibertrail). A great activity to explore the beautiful nature of the Elbe. The Beaver Trail is comparable with a scavenger hunt, which in this case however is explored by bicycle and the clues are small signs with a beaver. For those who prefer to walk there, hiking trails are also available.

The tours are very varied so that there is something for everyone. Puzzles have to be solved, interesting questions are asked about the landscape, regional conditions and products, and easy sporting tasks can be mastered through teamwork. Unique nature experiences are not uncommon, such as encounters with cranes and storks.

The Beaver Trail is an all-around excellent idea, which was developed and implemented with absolute professionalism by the two creators, Dirk Hammer and Ulf Göldner, and which offers visitors a unique experience in cooperation with all partner companies.


Cyclists on the beaver trail

Travel Blog Sonnenfernweh

by Kerstin Paar

Elbe cycle tour: Nature, cycling and hiking paradise


After light pedaling, the cyclist reached the small town of Bleckede on the beautiful Elbe. For a stroll along pretty brick houses and a cycle tour on the right bank of the river Elbe through natural idyllic landscapes, this excursion day in beautiful sunshine was particularly worthwhile. Blogger Kerstin Paar reported on the cycling experience on the Elbe.

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Elbe Cycle Path - Biosphere Reserve

Visit to the castle in the Elbtalaue biosphere reserve and hike along the Elbe rive


"Not only sitting on your bike", the nature lover remarked, "a hike along the Elbe beaches near Bleckede is also worthwhile on foot". In this article you can read more about the hike and the visit to the Bioshaerium Elbtalaue. 

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The River Elbe

Explore the Elbe cycle path - an experience for the sense


In a compact and detailed report, the Sonnenfernweh cyclist reported on the days along the Elbe, from Neuhaus and the Archezentrum, the Marschhufendorf and the exhibition on forced resettlement, ...

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Ferry on the Elbe

On the move in the Seevetal - from water mill, marshalling yard and Elbe cycle path

"Between Luhe, Elbe and Seeve there was a lot more to discover along the Elbe Cycle Route: from the Karoxbostel Water Mill, the Seeveniederung, the Maschen railway station, farm shops and Elbe whispering with the sheep.

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Along the Elbe

Elbe cycle path: from Hoopter Elbe ferry via Geesthacht to Lauenburg and back


Different perspectives require a page change. It is particularly impressive to cycle along the north bank of the Hohe Elbufer from Geesthacht to Lauenburg. The south bank offers other views and cycling fun from Lauenburg to Hoopte.

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There is much more to tell about the "Elbe experience", whether by bike, on foot or with a trolley, wait and see what else there is to read.

In the meantime, Flusslandschaft Elbe GmbH celebrated its 10th anniversary on the industry day in Reinstorf.

Invited were Manfred Nahrstedt (District Administrator Lüneburg), May-Britt Pürschel (Head of the Department for Tourism and Creative Industries in the Ministry of Economics, Labour, Transport and Digitisation), as well as other speakers, service providers, cooperation partners and long-standing colleagues. Nahrstedt and Pürschel spoke greetings and named milestones from the past ten years.


Managing Director Jens Kowald took the audience on an exciting journey into the past of the tourism marketing company. Jens Kowald highlighted the importance of the Elbe river landscape as a cultural asset and looked to the future with project reports. "This succeeds with a strong co-operation of all co-operation partners and achievement carriers, as well as the commitment of its team" , remarked and thanked Kowald in its Keynote.   


Read more about the industry day with three keynote speeches on Kerstin Paar's blog: