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Experience Tours in the Elbe Region

Travelling by Railway Handcar


On a disused railway line one can get around by an almost forgotten means of transport. The draisine handcar is operated via hand lever and pedal drive. Through meadows and woods, past storks, and with a lot of fun, you can drive a good three hours from Bleckede to Alt Garge. Here on some days you can experience the best rock bands in the Plan1 event venue.

Draisines in Alt Garge

With the Heide-Elbe-Express/Bleckeder Light Railway on Old Rail Tracks

All aboard the Heide-Express/the Bleckeder light railway. It runs from Lüneburg to Bleckede, to Scharnebeck or to Lüneburg Heath. The Verkehrsfreunde Lüneburg working group has leased the Bleckeder Kleinbahn railway line from the Osthannoversche Eisenbahnen for 50 years. Today it "wanders" through the countryside on the rails. At the different stops there are many possibilities to get to know the attractions of the surroundings.

Heide-Elbe-Express/Bleckeder Light Railway in Neetze

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