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Elbe Marsh

The Discrete Charm of Winsen Elbe Marsh

In different shades of green, Winsen Elbe marsh is set against the deep blue sky with its white fleecy clouds. Winsen Elbe marsh lives through its cultural landscape. Created by man, shaped through hard work, this wide, beautiful and tranquil river landscape is an ideal recreational area. Cycling, horse riding, and hiking are the main activities for many visitors from nearby Hamburg. The marshes were created by humans. They built an extensive ditch system to drain the water. For this, only parts the old, natural flood channels and arms of the Elbe were used. Visitors can now experience an Elbe river landscape with hedges, copses, mighty oak trees, oak and fruit tree avenues, or pure and heavenly images of nature on the Elbe. Today, many dykes protect the villages and towns along the Elbe, although the original floodplain landscape has been largely preserved. At high tide, the land is regularly flooded and leaves fertile floodplains. Migratory birds resting here. Rare animal and plant species can be protected. 

The places Marschacht, Drage and Tespe belong to the Elbe marsh.

Bild: © photocompany Elberadweg Nord


© photocompany

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