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Fishing on the River Elbe

The Fishing Paradise of the Elbe River Landscape

Fishing is the ideal hobby for around three million Germans. They leave everyday life behind them and travel to the peaceful countryside. The Elbe between Neu Darchau and Hohnstorf is a fishing paradise. Only a few boats disturb the peace and quiet on the densely overgrown banks. One groyne follows another, as stork and wild geese search for food. Whether eel, perch or zander, the Elbe is a rich fishing area again.


Seeve, Sude and the Other Elbe Tributaries

But it is not only the Elbe which offers rich fishing grounds; perch, bream, tench, and roach also await anglers on the banks of the Elbe’s tributaries. To the right and left, tributaries flow into the Elbe, which in turn invite relaxing trips. On the left, the tributaries in the districts of Harburg and Lüneburg are the rivers Seeve and the Ilmenau with the Luhe stream. To the right, the Delvenau and Sude rivers flow into the Elbe. While the Delvenau flows into the Elbe at the Mecklenburg Boitzenburg, the Seeve, the Ilmenau, and the Sude belong to the two districts of Harburg and Lüneburg.

Kingfisher on the fishing rod

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