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Elbe Region Highlight Experience

Scharnebeck ship lift

In 1968, construction work began on the Elbe Lateral Canal and the associated Lüneburg ship lift. The ship lift in Scharnebeck overcomes a height difference of 38 meters between the Elbe Lateral Canal and the Elbe. The canal is one of the most important waterways in northern Germany and connects the Mittelland Canal with the Elbe near Artlenburg just before Hamburg. Goods and goods travel south from the port of Hamburg to the Ruhr area on the canal. In the information center of the hoist, interested visitors can find out everything they need to know about the Scharnebecker ship lift.

Tours with the  ship to and through the ship lift can be found here:

Boat lift Scharnebeck

Elbe Floodplain Biosphaerium in Bleckede


A beaver enclosure and the aquarium landscape with Elbe fish form the focal point in the Elbe Floodplain Biosphaerium. The otherwise shy beaver can be observed in its castle, in the water, or on land. Over 25 fish species from the Elbe swim in the aquarium landscape. An exhibition shows the bird and water world of the Elbe Floodplain very impressively in the main building in an area of around 1,000 square metres. Everyone is welcome to participate: for example, in the birdcall piano or in the red kite game.

Beaver in the ditch on the Elbe
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