Elbe Region Highlight Experience

Scharnebeck Ship Lift


The world's largest twin ship lift was built in 1974 to enable navigation between the Elbe and the Mittelland Canal on the Elbe Lateral Canal. The gigantic elevator for ships lifts the vessels 38 metres from the flat Elbe marsh to the Geestrücken of Lüneburg Heath. From an artificially filled pond, the inland barges enter the facility, then the steel gates of the troughs (which are over 100 metres long) close behind them. In three minutes, 5700 tonnes are lowered down by strong electric motors. The exhibition hall is open daily from March 15th to October 31st, from 10 am to 6 pm.


Tours by boat to and through the ship lift can be found here:


Boat lift Scharnebeck

Elbe Floodplain Biosphaerium in Bleckede


A beaver enclosure and the aquarium landscape with Elbe fish form the focal point in the Elbe Floodplain Biosphaerium. The otherwise shy beaver can be observed in its castle, in the water, or on land. Over 25 fish species from the Elbe swim in the aquarium landscape. An exhibition shows the bird and water world of the Elbe Floodplain very impressively in the main building in an area of around 1,000 square metres. Everyone is welcome to participate: for example, in the birdcall piano or in the red kite game.



Beaver in the ditch on the Elbe

Maximilians Children's Arche

Maximilian's Children's Arche (Maximilians Kinder Arche) is home to endangered pets and farm animal species. Children and adults can discover, touch and feed rare animals at the "Mitmach-Erlebnisbauernhof" ("hands-on experience farm")! The Arche originated from an old stable ruin in Amt Neuhaus in Lower Saxony Elbe Floodplain Biosphere Reserve. Paying Max a visit is definitely worth it; he offers guided tours for children, families, and school classes.



The Orchid Garden

Delicate and reserved, colourful and mysterious – an orchid is something very special. There are around 30,000 species of orchids that offer this cornucopia of form and colour. The Karge family in Dahlenburg presents over 950 different orchid species in a 4,500 square metre orchid garden. Orchid lovers come from far away and admire such royal orchids as the "Oncidium Tiny Twinkle Jasmin" or the yellow "Ascocenda Suksamran Sunlight". Visitors can expect competent advice and outstanding plant quality at Germany's largest orchid show. The varied assortment is very different from the German orchid market. This is also rewarded by the many groups that are guided through the facilities and learn a lot about the "Queen of Flowers".

Orchideengarten Karge 
Bahnhofstraße 24
21368 Dahlenburg


Orchids in the Dahlenburg orchid garden