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Stay overnight

Overnight stay between Hamburg and Hitzacker:

Hotels, holiday houses, apartments and campsites

The campsites on the Elbe River are among the most beautiful and best in all of Germany. Whether directly on the Elbe or in the middle of the most beautiful landscape, here you will find the right campsite for you.


Camping Stover Strand International in Drage am Stover Strand 5-Sterne-Komfortplatz

Camping near Stover strand

Camping Land in Drage on Stover Strand

Leisure and camping park Tespe with camper place

Camping Artlenburg in Artlenburg on the Elbe

Campsite "Am Wiesengrund" in Brietlingen - OT Lüdershausen am Reihersee

Campsite Reihersee in Brietlingen


Camping Elbeling in Bleckede - OT Radegast on the Elbe


KNAUS Campingpark Elbtalaue/Bleckede-OT Alt Garge

Campsite "DORN" in Dahlenburg

Campsite "Heidehof" in Thomasburg - OT Radenbeck

Campsite on the banks of the Elbe in Neu Darchau - OT Klein Kühren

Camping Bankerhof in Rassau

Rosiener See - RV sites in Neuhaus

Meadow at the ferry terminal in Darchau

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