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Swimming in the Elbe Region

Pack your swimming trunks...

Just dive in and enjoy yourself. No matter how your journey was, the swimming lakes and open-air swimming pools in the Elbe river landscape invite you to take a dip. Swimming in the Elbe is a very special experience. From Stove in the Winsen Elbe Marsh to far into the Elbe floodplain, there are small sandy beaches on the right and left of the river. However, you should definitely respect the protected areas. The forest pools and many lakes are particularly pleasant.

Open-air pool Alt Garge

Open-air Pools

Dahlenburg Open-air Pool

A meeting point for many families with 50-metre lanes, a giant slide (25 metres), diving platforms, children's paddling pool, children's playground, large sunbathing lawn with shaded areas, chessboard, football pitch.


Alt Garge Woodland Pool

This woodland pool has combined pools for non-swimmers, swimmers and for diving, with diving towers, a children's pool with water slide and play equipment, a playground with a large "pirate ship", volleyball, football and more.

Tespe Recreational Pool

This lively recreational pool has a large sunbathing lawn with a children's paddling pool and slide in addition to the large water slide.

Hittfeld Open-air Pool

A family pool with children's play and bathing pools, large lawn, table tennis, play equipment for children, billiards, jumping pillows, large water slide, free deck chairs and more...

Stelle Open-air Pool

If you want to be active or simply relax and unwind, you should visit the swimming pool in Stelle during the summer months. Here you will find modern leisure facilities, well-kept green spaces, and a friendly atmosphere.

Bardowick Beach:  

The natural pool "Bardowicker Strand" offers pure relaxation. In the natural ambience with sandy beaches and beach chairs, visitors can feel comfortable and enjoy the day.

The water contains no chemical additives, is chlorine-free and suitable for allergy sufferers.

Lake Bathing in a River Landscape

An enchanting lake landscape stretches along the Elbe between Hamburg and Amt Neuhaus. Protected by old trees, there are white beaches or wooden boardwalks. Some are there only for the anglers, but most are dreamlike bathing lakes. Close to the Elbe there are also bracks, which are deep water holes that were created by dyke breaches; they are not suitable for bathing.

Neuhaus Office

The Sumter Lake:  

The bathing area Haar is located on the Sumter See, directly on the road 232. The public beach is natural. In the surrounding area there are agricultural areas and the biosphere reserve "Niedersächsische Elbtalaue". The fishery is leased to the fishing clubs "Neuhauser Angelsport von 1936 eV", "Seerose" and "Elbstrand Darchau eV".

Lake Zeetz:  

The Zeetze bathing area is located between Neuhaus and Kaarßen, directly on the 195 federal road in Zeetze.

The Zeetze bathing area is a lake-like extension of the Krainke in the glacial valley of the Elbe. The public beach is natural.

In the surrounding area there are agricultural areas and the biosphere reserve "Niedersächsische Elbtalaue". The fishery is leased to the fishing club "Gut Fang".

Lake Rosien:
The Rosiener See, which is located at the sports field, was created a few years ago after the soil had been removed for the dike construction. A wonderful sandy beach creates a real holiday feeling. The flat shore is also ideal for children
  suitable. The rear area belongs to the Neuhauser Angelsportverein von 1936 e. V. leased.

Sumter Lake
Rosiener See

Scharnebeck Municipality


This lake was created in the 1970s from a gravel extraction site which served for the construction of dykes and walls for the ship lift and the Elbe Lateral Canal. In 1974, the municipality of Scharnebeck expanded the Inselsee into a bathing lake (DLRG watch station, toilets, and kiosk). A club with more than 100 members nowadays provides maintenance, barbecue areas, benches and much more. Directly next to it is the Elbe Lateral Canal with a view of Scharnebeck ship lift.




This natural and beautiful bathing lake is located near Brietlingen. The bathing season begins in May under the supervision of the DLRG. The Neetze flows into Reihersee so it is constantly supplied with fresh water. Ideal for camping, bathing, or simply relaxing on large lawns in the cool shade of trees and bushes, relax or let the sun shine on you in a free place. There is canoe rental on site, plus a restaurant at Wiesengrun or a kiosk offering food and drinks.

Scharnebeck Inselsee mit SHW web.jpg
Brietlingen Reihersee .jpg

Seevetal Municipality

Maschener Moor Lake (See im Maschener Moor): 

The artificial Maschener Moor Lake is located about 25 km south of Hamburg. With a size of 100,000 m² it is one of the largest lakes in the district. It is fed from a spring under the lake and has a sandy and grassy beach shore. Maschener Moor Lake lies in an idyllic forest setting. A mobile toilet is available. It can be reached via the A 250, exit Maschen. Admission and parking are free of charge. After consultation with the local fishing club, fishing is also permitted in Maschener Moor Lake.

Maschener Moor Lake

Powder Mill Pond (Der Pulvermühlenteich): 

The Powder Mill Pond can also be reached via the A 250, exit Maschen. At 120,000 m² it is the second largest bathing water in the district of Harburg and is also fed from an underground spring. During the summer holidays there is temporary supervision.

A non-swimmer area is marked off and mobile toilets are on site. A kiosk is available during the summer months. Entrance and parking are free at the Powder Mill Pond.

Big Moor Lake (See im großen Moor): 

The largest bathing lake in this region is Big Moor Lake. 250,000 m² lie like a blue gemstone in the middle of a magnificent forest area. It is fed from underground sources. On the shore there are several wooden boardwalks and a sandy beach. Mobile toilets and a barbecue area are allowed at Big Moor Lake. Entrance and parking are free of charge. The lake can be traversed by canoe. Motorised models can be used after discussion with the local model making club. Fishing is allowed after consultation with the local fishing club.

Bardowick Municipality

Lake Barum:  

The Barumer See is right in the center of Barum. The Neetze flows through the lake, connecting it with the Reihersee. It is barrier-free and can be reached by car or bicycle. A parking lot is in the immediate vicinity. The spacious outdoor facilities offer a wide range of leisure activities for families. Various species of birds can be seen there throughout the year.

Recreation Areas right by the Elbe

Along the Elbe there are wonderful bays with white sandy beaches to relax and enjoy:

In the Elbmarsch: 

Sunbathing on the Elbe beach?  The up to 100m wide Stover beach in Drage promises a real beach feeling.

Water sports fans will also get their money's worth and fishing enthusiasts can make a big catch.

Stover Strand

Sauna Delights

"Die Insel" Recreational Pool:

Die Insel (the Island) offers its visitors both indoor and outdoor spacious swimming pools, where young and old get their money's worth. Here you can enjoy the day in the adventure pool, in the outdoor pool, on the giant slide, in the parent-child area or in the sports pool.

Leave the stress behind and let your mind wander, you will surely find the right sauna or the right place in the sauna area.

The Thermal Spa:

Die Jod-Sole-Therme - One of the most modern bathing and sauna complexes is just around the corner: the iodine brine spa in Bad Bevensen. Here you can indulge yourself and, after the grandiose impressions of the Elbe river landscape, a day in this tranquil landscape is no less enjoyable. Massages for the soul in the spa and vitality, bathing, and swimming luxuries indoors and outdoors, the bubbling warmth of the healing springs and much more.

Lüneburg Salt Spa - SaLü:

Welcome to SaLü - Salztherme (salt thermal spring) Lüneburg, the special brine adventure pool in northern Germany. Experience this salty bathing pleasure with all its variety, immerse yourself in our four worlds of the Salztherme Lüneburg because here you will find relaxation, fun, fitness, and pleasure for the whole family.

freizeitbad-die-insel (1).jpg
The Thermal Spa in Bad Bevensen
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