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Walking in the Elbe Region

Walking is a Great Pleasure for Tourists


Wandering through floodplain forests and marshlands is a special treat in the surroundings of the Elbe river landscape. The well signposted hiking trails are varied and offer magnificent views across the Elbe Valley. Thatched roofs, timber-framed houses, and a uniquely charming river landscape surrounded by wooded heights or marshes stretching into the horizon, wonderful idylls with unmistakable charm.

Hiking trail through the Elbmarsch

Forest Nature Trail in Großer Buchwedel State Forest


The ‘‘Grüner Kreis’’ (Green Circle) association has set up a forest nature trail in the municipality of Stelle, which tells you about the flora and fauna in Großer Buchwedel state forest. The extensive signposting on the approximately 3.5 km long circular route provides detailed information about what you will find in the forest.
Special contact point is the ‘‘watermill’’ refuge. It borders a large valley with a stretch of streams that invite children to play. The large step system, which bridges a difference in height of about 16 m over a distance of 80 m, is particularly worth seeing.

Further information about the forest nature trail can be found here.

State forest Großer Buchwedel

Drennhäuser Hinterdeich


The marsh between the Elbe at Drage and Drennhäuser Hinterdeich is part of Winsen Elbe Marsh. This is a very old and unique man-made cultural landscape, which was dammed and drained with much effort and expenditure. A visitor who explores this part of the marsh on foot or by bicycle can still discover relics of the cultivation of the Elbe Marsh in many places. There are also many valuable areas for the conservation of rare animal and plant species which are typical of this type of river marsh.

Further information about Drennhäuser Hinterdeich can be found hier.

Canada Geese in the Elbe

European Long-distance Path 6

At Bleckede we can find European long-distance path 6, which runs across Europe from Kilpisjärvi in north-western Finland to the Dardanelles in Turkey. In Germany it is a total of 522 kilometres long, from the Danish border through Schleswig-Holstein via Lauenburg / Elbe to Bleckede. The route continues towards Uelzen. Ultimately it ends at the Adriatic.

Flowers on the dike

Large stone graves in the Schieringer Forest

Discover the Schieringer Forest with its megalithic graves! This works particularly well on the marked, 12.5-kilometer-long hiking trail, which is also shown in this leaflet as is information on the exciting history of the megalithic tombs.

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