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Horse & Carriages in the Elbe Region

Riding Holidays, Vacations, or Charabanc Trips


Horse riding or trail riding through the Elbe river landscape gives you the greatest feeling of happiness.

Whether you are walking, trotting, or galloping, taking a guided horseback ride, or riding alone through the Elbe floodplains, these are very special experiences. The handling of horses is different, but their well-being is always at the forefront.


The diversity of opportunities, from riding lessons directly on the farm about the care and maintenance of riding horses, to guided riding tours with certified riding instructors, there is a guaranteed variety for beginners and advanced alike.

If you simply want to be driven through the area, there is a wide choice: carriages, charabancs, and covered wagons with well-trained drivers are available on farms. And riders with their own horses are also welcome on the perfect riding routes.

Riding through nature near the Elbe

Horses, Covered Wagons, and Carriages

Groothoff driving stable offers the most beautiful carriage rides and excursions through the Elbe river landscape. Whether with covered wagons which, depending on the weather, are open or closed and offer guests wonderful views of the varied countryside, or excursions with restored carriages from the 19th century, good-humoured cart horses or colourful gypsy cob horses always trot along in front of the wagons.

Covered wagon ride through the Elbe Floodplain

Cow Cuddling


The Greek goddess Hera was given the epithet "cow-eyed" because she was so beautiful. Cows radiate a great calm when they chew their cuds contentedly and look around with shiny big eyes. Farmer Voß in Laave (Amt Neuhaus) loves his cows and likes to cuddle up to them. "Cows are soul comforters", says the enthusiastic "cow cuddler". Farmer Voß knows his cows and invites not only stressed city dwellers to an afternoon of cow cuddling on his farm.

Cows on the Elbe
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