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Ilmenau-Luhe lowland

Since 1 December 2014, Ilmenau-Luhe-Niederung has been a new nature reserve in the district of Harburg. At the gates of the town of Winsen (Luhe) there is a special natural treasure. The lowland area of Ilmenau and Luhe offers an exciting landscape between water and land on around 434 ha. Here, the Luhe flows into the Ilmenau, which then flows into the Elbe after about 3 km.

The area is intersected by numerous ditches and channels and is characterised by grassland and reeds. It is one of the last major contiguous areas in the tidal section of the Elbe, where ebb and flow can occur almost unhindered.

Full information can be found at:

Warning sign - Ilmenau-Luhe-Niederung
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